The club was formed in 1965 by Jimmy Oliver, pictured lower right, at the Sunderland YMCA. John Simpson (5th Dan), pictured right,  joined the club at the age of sixteen in 1970 and continues to run the club to this day, after taking over from Jimmy in 1991. The club is now based at the Lambton Street Centre in Ford Estate, Sunderland.

British Judo Association club No. 846


A judo suit (judo-gi) is normally worn for training. This consists of a thick white cotton top & bottoms, along with a belt indicating the players grade.  

Note that a judogi is not required when starting out and tracksuit top & bottoms will suffice.


A valid British Judo Association (BJA) license will be required to practise judo. Membership of the BJA includes personal injury insurance and hence is a mandatory requirement for training. Click here for more information on obtaining a BJA License.


Entry to the Lambton Street Fellowship Centre costs 50p for under 16's and £1.00 for adults. The mat fee is then £2.00 per week for attendance at either or both sessions, for both juniors and seniors.

Club Address:

Lambton Street Centre
25 Falkland Road
Ford Estate

Centre Tel: 0191 5675227